Alofixi 200


An antibiotic called Alofixi 200 Tablet is used to treat a number of bacterial illnesses. It works well for infections of the urinary tract, ear, nose, sinuses, throat, and some sexually transmitted illnesses.

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Among other bacterial infections, Alofixi 200 Tablet is used to treat infections of the lungs, airways, throat, skin, soft tissues, and urinary tract. Ofloxacin is present in it. It should not be used for viral diseases like the flu or cold. Take the medication exactly as directed for the time period specified. Failure of therapy might result from not finishing an antibiotic course or from missing an antibiotic dose. Before beginning the medication, you should also discuss with the doctor any medications, herbs, or supplements you are taking as well as any ailments or disorders you may have., Cefixime Dispersible 200mg

Cefixime Dispersible 200mg


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