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Treatment for scabies involves the use of scabiite lotion. Permethrin is the main component in this topical lotion. The mite sarcoptes scabiei causes the skin infection known as scabies.

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Antiparasitic medicine is called Scabite Lotion. It is used to treat scabies, a skin irritation and infestation caused by microscopic insects. By destroying the insects (mites) and their eggs, this medication kills them. To ensure proper usage, read the medication’s accompanying instructions. Before applying it, your skin needs to be clean, dry, and cool. Eight to fourteen hours after using this medication, you should give your entire body a thorough wash. The majority of people only need to use it once to treat their problem; however, if a second treatment is required, wait at least seven days before doing so.

Permethrin 5%

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